At Manthraa we primarily focus on the health and happiness of the people. Our aim is to encourage people to lead a healthier lifestyle. Under the careful supervision of experienced Ayurveda practitioners, everything – from the food, to the forms of therapy, treatments, exercises, Yoga and meditation – is based on the ancient principles of the holistic art of Ayurveda healing. The focus is on Panchakarma ­– the traditional Ayurveda detox program combining various cleansing and treatment procedures interwoven with Yoga.

We, at Mantraa promote divine healing. A vacation away from home is taken to get your mind away from the daily pressures that life generally offers. Our purpose is to guide you to experience good health in every sense of the word good; while you are on your vacation. Our team developed innovative healing solutions that would help you to live your life full of love, passion and harmony.

We heal and relax your mind, your soul and your body. What more can you ask for on a holiday?

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